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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Minister of Integration Mr. Connor Lenihan visited the IFI Mosque

Minister of Integration Mr. Connor Lenihan visited the IFI Mosque at South Circular Road Dublin D8,
He was welcomed by the Imam of the Mosque Sheikh Yahya Alhussaini, secretary of the IFI, and members of the Shoora council, and some community leaders in Dublin today 26th June, 2008.
The meeting was conducted in an informal manner. The minister spoke about the hottest subject, which is Hijab. He said “ The decision about Hijab is not conclusive yet, until we meet. Perhaps it should be conformed to the school uniform colour, Burqa and Niqab is an issue, he is eager to close the issue as soon as possible, or leave it up to the school to decide.”
Member said: “But there should be no political stance on such an issue”
Minister: “reduce the issue of Hijab to French ban on Hijab, which is failed, and not right”
Shoora Member said: “Rory Quinn and Brian Hayes seem to have got it wrong. Don’t have any knowledge of the subject of Hijab as it is not a symbol of Islam and it is a task and a must on a beleiving women in Jewdism, Christianity and Isalm.”
Minister: “you might need to engage them and communicate with them so they would sympathise with the issue”
Imam Yahya: “We have the development and extension of the place of worship, what would the minister’s office can offer for that?
Minister: No money this year, all the budget been distributed, you might need to apply through funding services.
The secretary of IFI: “marriage counselling, youth training, jobs, alcohol, integration, we need fund for that. It is possible through the right body.”
Member said: “Visa restriction slowed down all family reunifications”
Minister: “Immigration bill need to be rushed through the parliament, and asylum applications went down due to processing application quickly, we hope that we will address the issues in the near future”

Thank you minister for visiting our mosque.
My pleasure.

Irish Muslim Convert Mr.Mohammed Salim Lennon, spoke to the Minister for the right of burrial in his home town Dundalk. He said "most muslims who died were burried in Dublin, because of the fact that there is no Muslim burrial ground, the minister said he would look into it and try to help finding a burrial ground.

Report by Dr. Bashir