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Friday, October 2, 2009

Still lobbying for no vot on Oconnell st saying rigged vote risk

On the polling day still some people lobbying for NO vot on Oconnell st while Micheal Martin sending e mails urging people to vote YES.
في يوم التصويت لا زال بعض الناس يحاولون ان يحثوا الناس بان يصوتوا ب لآ في حين ان مايكل مارتن يبعث الايميلات يحث الناس بان يصوتوا ب نعم

Dear Supporter,I've just voted. Have you?
I just placed my "Yes" vote in favour of the Lisbon Treaty at St Anthony's School in Ballinlough, Co. Cork - my local polling station.
Every vote is important today. Yours alone could be the difference between "Yes" for Ireland and a disastrous "No" that will set us back.
Polls close at 10:00pm tonight, so there is still time to vote - and please make sure you do. Voting is quick and easy, and nothing is more important. Let's all work together so there's a strong endorsement of the Treaty.
After you've voted, send a note to your friends and neighbours reminding them to cast their "Yes" vote today:
Thanks for all you've done so far. This is our last day to make a difference, so please make sure to vote.
Micheál Martin, TD