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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mujahid and Kamal response to the IFI statement

The issue of the Mosque finances not being disclosed for public scrutiny was brought up during the show by Mr. Liam (Mujahid) Egan. The Islamic Foundation of Ireland is a registered 'Friendly Society' and is a recognised charity. The accounts of the Islamic Foundation of Ireland for the year 2008 have already been submitted to the Registry of Friendly Societies. They were posted on the notice board in the Mosque a week before the Society's last annual general meeting, presented during the meeting and are always made available for inspection by the members of the Society as required.”
During the Liveline show, Mr Egan simply reiterated a comment made by the Imam during the
IFI AGM . Is this comment made by the Imam now being denied? We would ask you to look up the word scrutiny. Posting up a list of items with totals does not constitute an examination and judging by the number of concerns expressed during the IFI AGM with regard to finances it would appear to have been an issue long before MPAC reported it. MPACIE will pursue the matter with the Registry of Friendly Societies as our email request to the IFI to see the accounts has remained unanswered.
As for Mr. Egan his continued unwarranted attack on the Imam is well documented.
Mr Egan and MPACIE have only sought accountability and transparency in all the affairs of our community, we would be interested to see in what way this
Sunnah might be deemed an attack? Please respond!Many members of the Muslim community are aware of the grudges which both men hold who have been consistently causing difficulties. ... Mr. Egan’s allegations are frivolous, untrue, founded in ulterior motives, and should be totally disregarded as the words of disgruntled and disaffected persons. Accordingly their complaints should be treated with the contempt they deserve.
This shameful, disingenuous and libelous attempt to offset legitimate criticism is typical of those who have no defense. Is it not true that the Imam is also the
Patron of the North Dublin Muslim School? Is it not true that the Imam acting as Patron has overseen systemic failures at that school? As was mentioned on the Liveline show, a CEO who oversaw such failures would have the decency to step down or he would be removed, but what are we treated to? Damage control, blame shifting and claims of ‘personal grudges’. Has the Imam apologized to the children who have suffered under his patronage? Has he begged forgiveness from the parents for simply not doing enough to give those kids a fair chance in their adult lives? Where is the public apology?
IFI have made a number of serious statements and in the interests of fairness we will offer them a chance to reply:
1. Is the IFI denying that the Imam made the comment Mr Egan referred to on Liveline?2. What has Mr Egan said that is untrue?3. In what way does the Imam think he has been attacked by Mr Egan?4. What difficulties has Mr Egan caused?Please note that EVERYTHING Mr Egan and MPACIE have said is in the public domain, we believe in transparency!
Kamel Ghanam's is here: I was both disappointed and surprised that the IFI has apparently chosen this disparaging attitude in their latest attempts to offset the growing criticism being levelled against the Patron who is also their President, Trustee, Chairman, and Imam.While I admit to having no qualification in evaluating scholastic standards, and that would place me on a par with Patron and many who now make up the current board of management including the Chairperson of the Board of Management etc. I do however have the most important qualification – that of a concerned parent. As a parent I feel adequately qualified to evaluate the standard of education imparted to my children previously when compared with the school they are attending now. I don’t believe I made any insinuations regarding the finances bar the fact that as a parent I and others simply haven’t seen any financial reports despite requests. Contrary to the improbability postulated by the IFI/Patron regarding statements by secondary school teachers – the recent WSE reports demonstrate that such incidences are indeed possible. I do not as yet have the experience of my children progressing to the second level school but I have been reliably informed by other parents of past pupils that when their children went to the secondary schools they encountered problems there.I believe the Muslim community is acutely aware of the growing concerns, and not merely on account of two people as you allege. My only motive in this affair is the future of our children. It is regrettable that the IFI/Patron has not demonstrated similar convictions. I do not believe that my comments were frivolous, or untrue. The only objective was to highlight our desire to improve our children’s education and future as good Irish citizens. Patron I challenge you to a live television debate!______________________________________________________________________________________________