Muslim Community Lobby Ireland is an independent organization established 1st May 2007. Its motto is TO USE THE VOTE RIGHTLY AND TO RAISE THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY AWARNESS WITH THEIR RIGHTS AND TO PROMOTE TOLERANCE AND UNDERSTANDING OF OTHER EXISTING GROUPS. لترشيد استعمال الصوت الانتخابي ولتوعية وتعريف المسلمين بحقوقهم في ايرلندا وان يعيشوا بتفهم للواقع وللجماعات الاخرى الموجودة على الساحة

Monday, February 7, 2011

Political Parties in Ireland

People Before Profit Alliance
The People Before Profit Alliance was formally established in October 2005 by workers from a variety of local campaigns. Its aim is to reverse neo-liberal policies which place wealth creation....

Fianna Fáil
Fianna Fáil is the largest political party in Ireland. Their influence dominated Irish government and Irish political life from the 1930's onwards

Socialist Workers Party
The SWP was originally founded in 1971 as the Socialist Workers Movement but changed its name to the Socialist Workers Party at its conference in 1995.

Socialist Party
The Socialist Party is currently Ireland's only Marxist and socialist organisation with electoral representation in Dáil Éireann. It is affiliated to the Trotskyist Committee for a Workers'..

Sinn Féin
Sinn Féin's aims are based on building a true democracy, where both political and economic power is distributed as widely as possible an Ireland based on equality, justice, rights and empowerment

Labour Party
The Labour Party is a social democratic political party in the Republic of Ireland. Founded by James Connolly in 1912, the Labour Party claims to be the country's oldest political party

The Dáil has 13 deputies who do not represent any particular party. As one would expect, they are a diverse group of politicians. The Independents from rural areas are generally conservative

Fine Gael
Fine Gael are strongly pro-EU integration and opposed to radical and violent Irish republicanism, advocating a more pluralist, tolerant brand of Irish nationalism

Green Party
The Green Party believe that all political, social & economic decisions should be taken at the lowest effective level and that society should be guided by self-reliance and co-operation at all levels.

Our party's aim is to win the support of the Irish people for ending the capitalist system and for building socialism. It is actively opposed to the European Constitution and privatisation

Garda Consultation Process Thursday March 24th 2011

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that the Garda Racial Intercultural and Diversity Office will be holding the postponed annual consultation process this year on Thursday March 24th 2011 in Farmleigh House and Estate, Phoenix Park.

This years event will be opened by the Garda Commissioner, Martin Callinan. You and your organisation have been identified as being of great value and support within the modern diversity spectrum in Ireland. With this notification, we hope you can make a note in your diary and hopefully meet with both An Garda Síochána and other important stakeholders.

A formal invitation and further details for the event, will be emailed to you by the end of February.

Yours sincerely
John O' Hara

Study of Religions Department History of Islam in Ireland Seminar Series

The Establishment of Muslim
Schools in the West:
Religion, Identity and the Role of
Prof Marie Parker-Jenkins
University of Limerick
Why have Muslim schools been established in the West during the last two decades? What
does the growth of Muslim schools suggest about the existing provision of government
schools, and more controversially, should educational institutions based on an Islamic ethos
be funded from the public purse? Drawing on my research on Muslim schools in the UK and
elsewhere in non-Islamic states, I explore key discourses surrounding the expansion of the
educational landscape to include Muslim schools. In the Republic of Ireland, where the
Muslim population is just over 32,000, there are currently two Muslim schools with plans for
a further five to accommodate the educational needs of Muslim children. This raises
overlapping issues about personal choice, religious identity and the role of education in an
increasingly multi-faith, multi-ethnic Ireland.
Marie Parker-Jenkins is Professor of Education at the University of Limerick.
3 February 2011, 1pm
ORB 1.01
Fáilte roimh chách / All welcome
For further information: Dr Oliver Scharbrodt, 021-490 2895,

Micheál Martin TD.

Last night, the Fianna Fáil Árd Chomhairle did me the honour of electing me Úachtarán Fhianna Fáil.

This Party has a unique and positive role to play in our country's future. Under my leadership, Fianna Fáil will be clear in its approach to the urgent issues of today and in the path it proposes for the future. With the right policies Ireland can and will come through this crisis.

At these difficult times, our country needs an election which is as serious as the issues we must tackle. This can only happen if the leaders of the parties show a real commitment to moving away from political business as usual.

I will be initiating a full national tour in order to take our message to every part of the country. To you, our supporters, I ask you to work to ensure that Fianna Fáil candidates are elected in this, one of the most important election campaigns in our nation's history.

I know the task ahead will not be easy.

But I have never shrunk from difficult decisions before, and I promise you that we will meet this challenge with a campaign as vigorous and full of ideas as any Fianna Fáil has ever waged.

Ar aghaidh le Fianna Fáil.


Micheál Martin TD.
Úachtarán Fhianna Fáil