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Monday, March 31, 2008

Immigration Bill 2008 Not Fair


Immigration Bill 2008

Commenting on this bill was a nightmare experience and a blow to the Constitutional rights of the Irish citizen.
It is not too late to make amendments and address issues of interest.

The Muslim Lobby Ireland would like to remind the Fianna Fail party and Junior Minister Conor Lenihan TD to whom we pledged support and voted for in the 2007 election, that he promised to help immigrants not make life hell for them in Ireland.
We are demanding that Fianna Fail fulfil their responsibility for integration by stopping this Bill or seriously amending it, which further discriminates against non nationals in the State.

Breaching the UN refugee and human rights conventions.

This Government has called for a visa amnesty for those Irish immigrants who are under similar circumstances in other parts of the world, like those in the USA. Would they like to see these Irish citizens, being dealt with as harshly as this Bill proposes to deal with irregular immigrants in Ireland?

The Bill is "aimed at cutting down the opportunity for marriages of convenience for immigration purposes.

Difficulties to immigrants and their families

No Family Reunification

No Appeals

Powers to remove detainees

The Bill can give more power to those officials in government to abuse the law. Also the Bill infringes on the constitutional rights of the native Irish citizen in their choice of who they would like to marry. The implementation of the Bill would also incur additional costs over what the immigration process cost is now.
Comment By Bashir

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"Immigration, Residence and Protection Bill requires significant amendment to achieve a fair system: ICI"

New Immigration Bill has Serious Flaws
Press Release29th January 2008New Immigration Bill has Serious FlawsChanges Needed to Ensure Fairness and Due Process

FLAC press release. For immediate release. 29 January 2008FLAC reaction to Immigration Residence and Protection Bill 2008In its first reaction to the Immigration Residence & Protection Bill which was published today, FLAC, the non-governmental organisation campaigning for equal access to justice, has raised concerns about the protection of the rights of immigrants to access fair and transparent procedures.“While the Minister quite naturally wants to set up a fast, efficient immigration system, our concern is that a fair balance must be maintained between efficiency and rights” according to FLAC’s director general Noeline Blackwell.