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Friday, June 6, 2008

Demonstration in front of the ICCI 6/6/2008 مظاهرة امام مسجد كلونسكي اليوم الجمعة

Funeral procession Thursday 27/3/2008

The parents of both Young girls "IMAN AYADI & AYAH ALZUBER" who died in the tragic accident that happened on the way to Galway for a trip for young girls organised by ICCI at Clonskeagh.

انه لمن البديهي ان الوالدين الذين ابنتهما لم تمت في الحادث وانما تضررت فرغم انها تضررت الا انهما لا زالت بينهما ويراها كلما ارادا, في حين ان الوالدين الذين ماتت ابنتهما لا يريا ابنتهما حيث وريت التراب, فالعقدة النفسية اشد وطأ على الوالدين الذين حرما ابنتهما . ولعلهم يريدون الا يروا من كان منظما لرحلة البنات موجودا بينهم وهذا شعور قد يدفعهم بان يطالبوا ادارة مجلس كلونسكي بالاستقالة.
ولهذا نسال الله ان يرزق اهالي المفقودين الصبر والسلوان وعظم الله اجرهم في صبرهم وتحمل فقدان ابنتيهما


angrily said " death of my daughter was a negligence of those who organised the trip as well as they have to apologise, they have to introduce an election into the mosque so the administrations has to be elected instead of appointed from outside"

Grandfather of AYAH ALZUBER holding her picture in protest

AYAH ALZUBER's auntie Fatima protesting

Brother of AYAH ALZUBER protesting for his sister death

Right father of IMAN AYADI" Bitterly saying that the mosque organised the trip for the girls therefore they should apologise in public, He accepts that it is an act of god but he says: "there is an element of negligence in leaving girls take places in the car instead of staying in the minibus with the other girls, also those in the administration should resign."

sympathiser with the parents support their opinions.

Supporters of the cause
TThe lame Ibraheem Buisir standing on his stick as always defiant and standing by the oppressed

Mothers of IMAN AYADI and AYAH ALZUBER with lots of women supporters

Freinds of IMAN AYADI and AYAH ALZUBER showing support and sympathy to the case.


Report by Bashir