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Friday, August 15, 2008

Dr. Ahmed El-Habbash View of the Hijab regulation

Assalaam AlaikumMy understanding of the article in the Irish time is that Hijab is not an issue in schools, and that the Minister for Integration is not keen to over-regulate something that is self regulated. This statement should work in favour of IHC. It indicates that Hijab is naturally accepted in Ireland (under normal circumstances).However, there are a few odd situations that happened recently and may happen in the future in the absence of a clear guideline. So the guideline does not have to be (or be seen) as an over-regulation. It can be simply an informative statement to state that hijab is not (and should not be seen as) an issue, as it is within the frame of the freedom and human rights that are protected by the constitution and state laws. This perhaps can provide a quick answer to the principal of Gorey school or other schools without having to create controversies involving schools, TDs and Ministers for something that should be seen and understood as a non-issue.About Consulting 4000 school principals and consulting only a handful of Muslims, that would be OK if it was directed by the Department of Education. Perhaps It my not be the same if it was directed by the Department of Integration.My suggestion is that we work further to institute a guideline, which does not seem to be difficult (based on the above). So if there has to be a press release than it should build on the current conclusion that Hijab is not an issue, however, a guideline is needed to inform those who do not know. I also suggest direct communication with C. Lenihan to thank him for his effort and explain our concerns.Best Regards

Dr. Ahmed El-Habbash