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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Typical argument between Muslims with regard to voting

The upcoming local council elections in 2009 offer the Muslim community a unique opportunity to shape the politic here in Ireland. As a community we are disproportionately underrepresented on a local and national level - you can change that!
By registering on the electoral register, you will have a vote and an option of choosing a candidate who will best benefit the Muslim community. The attached leaflet outlines the conditions for voting as well as providing a scholarly opinion on the necessity of voting in these times.



2 Salaam,jazakallahu khair for the email. I believe Muslims in Ireland should make steps towards 'Block Voting.' This is the only way Muslim votes will count otherwise they will be divided up just as much as the general electorate and will be useless. This happened when women got the right to vote in America and everywhere in the world. Certain political parties believed that women would be more prone to vote for a their party, where in reality, women were similarly divided among party lines as men thus not really having an effect on elections.If Muslims in Ireland can establish block voting, the Muslim vote will mean something and politicians will actively seek the 10-20,000 votes Muslims can provide. But if we are just as divided as the general electorate, there is no reason to work for our vote and support our agendas.Any thoughts?

3 Astughfirullah...Brothers voting in a democracy is completely Haram... Democracy in itself is a system of Kufr that allows man to make laws that can be against God's Law and elected representatives make laws based upon their own mind and/or majority opinion... I would advise all muslims to refrain from voting in any election be it local or general... and before anyone of you goes haywire over this I am willing and capable to discuss this issue with any of you in the most polite and well mannered way... I am saying this to tread on side of caution since I have seen that at times people speak in a very uncivilized manner when it comes down to certain things they passionately believe in...Masalama

Dr Qasim Afridi

4 Salams Qasim,
This is why it's important to discuss the issue. It isn't as clear cut as Hizb-ut-Tahrir have made out, obviously as the scholars have ruled on its permissibility. If you'd like to present your points in an open forum then by all means please do.However, from a purely pragmatic basis the Khilafah will NEVER be restored unless there is some form of political engagement so it's Catch 22 for the Hizbs. Anyway, look forward to your reply.Hope baby and family are well.Was salam


5 JazakAllah Khair Liam for your comment...Please forgive me if at any time you feel I am enraged... You know I m not and its just my writing style...I cant speak for the Hizb since I am not a member of the organization... I would however be more than willing to organize a meeting with their top members for them to come down and discuss these matters with the muslim community as to what our stance should be regarding these issues... They are very clear on the subject of democracy and there is a booklet about this... Heres the link for that...As for matters of engaging politics in non muslim lands there is no harm in conveying your problems and issues to politicians... however you can do that without voting for them as we all know you yourself did when you took the issue of Hijab...I m willing ot discuss but I dont want Salafi scholars to come inbetween us... If you want to quote the position of the salaf I have no problems with that but then they have to be scholars who hold the Saudi Regime in contempt and do not consider them legitimate... there are a few of those scholars unfortunately among the salaf but they are around...

Correction... when I said the following...there are a few of those scholars unfortunately among the salaf but they are around...I meant this...Unfortunately there are very few such scholars among the salaf but they are around...As for the link for the book about Democracy being a system of Kufr...


6 Assalaam Alaikum brothers.This debate took too long. In Islam we may do Haraam things if that will avoid causing something more Haraam. Example, we may eat Haraam food if that will save our life from death. (killing life (without the right cause) is higher sin than eating haraam food). The issue of voting is not a declaration that we believe in that system or that group. It is a matter of choosing the bad to avoid the worse. It is as simple as that. I don't know what brought Salafi and Tahriri in this argument. Can we not limit our discussion to the main subject and try to come with a conclusion rather than try to force some body's opinions.Wassalaam
Best Regards
Ahmed El-Habbash,

7 Salams Ahmad, Absolutely, the scholars have already spoken on this and while the Hizb brothers may have arguments, they've never offered a viable alternative. And as you say, we are not declaring the kuffar system as being better, we are simply working pragmatically within an existing system in an effort to improve our lot. We must work on getting this message out so that in June, we have a united voice and inshaAllah more power to bring about the benefits we all seek.JazakAllahu khairan for your thoughts.


8 AA...Right finally brothers this Mujaahid has serious issues... He just sent me an email which shows to me that he does not have even a basic understanding of issues of ruling in Islam... I m stating in public that I have nothing to do with him anymore... He twists and turns Shariah anyway that he likes fit for himself... He is fully in the pockets of the Saudi regime and has openly stated that he seeks donation and funding from them... He is one of the most hated people on and spreads his fake salafi opinions as Islam everywhere... He has a typical Salafi mindset where he even called me someone who is easily fooled... I am not participating is such Jahiliyah anymore... As for those who know him and are not Salafis themselves... Just be careful and stay clear of him at all costs...

9 AA...Yes... the european council of fatwa and research? Is that the council that gave the fatwa that Riba is allowed?That list of scholars was interesting too... It included one Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra whom I remember back in 2003 while I was living in England stated that Muslims in Britain should make Dua for the British troops that have gone to fight the war in Iraq since we are all British and these soldiers are OUR BOYS!!!!Heres someone who does not call himself a scholar yet obviously understand the issue at hand...Listen carefully to Taji Mustafa in the following video... My only duty was to warn and inform... The rest is all upto you brothers and sisters... Fe Aman Allah