Muslim Community Lobby Ireland is an independent organization established 1st May 2007. Its motto is TO USE THE VOTE RIGHTLY AND TO RAISE THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY AWARNESS WITH THEIR RIGHTS AND TO PROMOTE TOLERANCE AND UNDERSTANDING OF OTHER EXISTING GROUPS. لترشيد استعمال الصوت الانتخابي ولتوعية وتعريف المسلمين بحقوقهم في ايرلندا وان يعيشوا بتفهم للواقع وللجماعات الاخرى الموجودة على الساحة

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Winding up of an Era of Anti-Racism

9th November 2008

Issued by: The Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland Clonskeagh

Re: The Winding up of an Era of Anti-Racism

For many years the NCCRI has worked with the ethnic minorities in Ireland with abundant success, the 12 employees that have given their utmost support and professional advice, who have worked strenuously with the Dept of Justice and who over the years have gained the experience and knowledge of each unique ethnic group that can only come with experience, are about to be relinquished of their posts.This organization has worked on a minimal budget of 500,000 euro per year and yet they were deemed dispensable in Mr Lenihan's early October budget. The work of this organization is to be, quote:'absorbed', into the department of Integration, yet the people with the experience are not.In recognition of this tragic moment in time for ethnic minority groups in Ireland (whether religious or cultural ethnicity) and in a final show of support for the NCCRI the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland is pleased to announce that Mr Philip Watt, Driector of NCCRI, will officially launch 'Neighbours Week' at the Islamic Centre. Introducing the wondrous arts of French Calligrapher Salah Al Moussawi and the Intricate works of artist Shams Unnissa, Neighbours Week is part of the integration program of the Centre, a program that promotes dialog through the popular medium of the Arts. Date: Monday 10th November 2008Time: 10:30amVenue: Islamic Cultural Centre of IrelandThe ICCI will make a presentation to Mr Philip Watt in recognition of the great work his office has achieved over the years.

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