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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Your Local Election Candidate for Lucan Area Ahmed Shaheenالمرشح أحمد شاهين في منطقة لوكان دبلن

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اذا لم تسجل في دائرة الانتخابات الى الان فاطبع استمارة الطلب المرفق وابعثه للبلدية وبسرعة

Your Local Election Candidate for Lucan Area

المرشح أحمد شاهين يرشح في الانتخابات المحلية القادمة يونيو 2009

My name is Shaheen Ahmed and I have been selected to run as the Fianna Fail candidate in the local elections for your area.
This is my first time to stand for election but it is by no means my first brush with politics. As a first-time candidate I bring new life, enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to the debate. As an advocate for integration in this country for the last 20 years I have worked with successive governments and various bodies on behalf of the Islamic community. I am optimistic about working for all constituents with a special emphasis on bringing all communities together to achieve an integrated and all inclusive community.
The area has undergone significant changes in recent times and with those changes come new challenges, education, traffic congestion, crime, public spaces to name a few. I will work with you to identify and successfully tackle the local issues that affect our lives. I am a person who believes in getting things done and together we will win positive change.
It is my firm intention to ensure that the very best public services are guaranteed for the area. Over the coming months I hope to meet with many of you and look forward to discussing your concerns and ideas for your local area.
Working in business has taught me the value of achieving results and I promise that together we will achieve positive results that will enhance the quality of life for all residents.

هذا شكل استمارة التسجيل

Application for inclusion in Supplement to 2009/2010 Register of Electors
Please Read The Notes Carefully Before Completing The Form
1. Name (BLOCK LETTERS): _______________________________________________________________
[Please include other details such as Snr., Jnr., other name or an initial if there is another person with the same first name and surname living at the same address]
2. Address (BLOCK LETTERS): _____________________________________________________________
3. Daytime phone number: ____________________________________________________________________
4. Date of birth (see note 3): ___________________________________________________________________
5. When did you take up ordinary residence at the above address? _____________________________________

6. Where were you ordinarily resident immediately prior to your current address? ________________________
7. If you were ordinarily resident at any other address(es) since 1st September 2008 (besides those given at 2 and 6), please give details:
8. Please tick (√ ) one box only to indicate whether you are:
a Citizen of Ireland 􀂆
a British citizen 􀂆
a National of another EU State
(other than UK) 􀂆
a National of a non-EU country 􀂆

9. (a) Please tick (√ ) one box only to indicate whether you are/were:
formerly registered as an elector 􀂆
currently registered as an elector 􀂆
never registered as an elector 􀂆
(b) If you are/were registered as an elector, please state address of registration: ________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________
10. Edited Register
If you wish to be excluded from the edited register, please tick (√ ) the opt out box below (see note 5).
Opt Out Box 􀂆

11. Declaration
This section must be signed in the presence of a member of the Garda Síochána at your local Garda Station (section 12(a) - note 6) or in the presence of a Registration Authority Official (section 12(b) – note 6).
I believe the information I have supplied to be true and I apply to be included in the Supplement to the Register of Electors.
Signature of Applicant: ________________________________________________ Date: _______________
12. Certificate of Identity
(a) Please have this section completed at a Garda Station by a member of the Garda Síochána - see note 6.
I certify that I have satisfied myself as to the identity of the applicant who has signed section 11 in my presence or I certify that I have satisfied myself that the applicant who has signed section 11 in my presence is known to the immigration authorities in Ireland as:
________________________ (first name) ________________________________(surname)
Signature of Garda: _________________________________________
Name (BLOCK LETTERS): ________________________________
Rank: _____________________ Garda Number: _________________
Telephone:_____________________ Date: _____________________
Station Stamp

(b) Please have this section completed ONLY if you are unable to comply with 12(a) above.
Reason why form could not be completed at local Garda Station:- __________________________________________________________
Signature of Registration Authority official: _____________________
Name: (BLOCK LETTERS):________________________________
Grade: _____________________ Date: ___________________
Registration Authority Stamp