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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Brian Cown Taoiseach answers citizen's questions رئيس الوزراء براين كاون يبعث باجابات للمتسائلين

اني ادعوكم للوقوف معي من اجل مستقبل افضل لايرلندا
Dear friend,
منذ اسابيع وكثير من المواطنين يبعثون باسالتهم لي وقد اجبت على بعض منها على الموقع الذي عنوانه بالاسفل . نرجو الاطلاع على بعض الاجوبة
Over the last two weeks, people from all over the country have been submitting their questions for me through the new Fianna Fáil website. I received over a thousand questions on a vast number of topics. Given the overwhelming number you submitted, I've only been able to answer a selection of the most popular questions. I'd like to thank each of you for putting these questions to me.
أسالة عن حالة الركود الاقتصادية العالمية
Most questions concerned the global economic crisis that faces Ireland. I want to share my answers with you so you can best understand how I and my Government intend to lead Ireland out of these difficult times.
Watch my answers here:
واجبت عن اسالة عن البنوك الايرلندية
I answered questions about our banking system and the limits that the Government is going to place on bankers' pay and bonuses. I listened and responded to your legitimate concerns about the pension levy we've been forced to impose for the good of the country's finances. I hear the call for the country to pull together in difficult times and ask our political opponents to contribute their best ideas for the good of Ireland and its people. We have to work tirelessly - together.
Take a few minutes to watch my answers to your questions:
اني اريد ان اخرج ايرلندا من الركود الاقتصادي الى اقتصاد مرن وذكي ومتنوع
I want to lead Ireland out of this recession into a new type of economy - smarter, flexible and more diverse. I've got a plan for the next five years that will create new knowledge-based jobs and industries, intensify research and development and make our country the best possible place to start a new business.
اني اشعر بالامل في المستقبل . واعتقد ان الشعب الايرلندي عنده القدرة على العمل من اجل نهضة اقتصادية واعدة ولكن الاحوال سوف تاخذ بعض الوقت قبل ان تتحسن
I'm optimistic about Ireland's future. I believe in the ability of the Irish people to work hard and to show our inherent ingenuity to bring us out of this economic crisis. Things will not get better straight away, but over the coming months and years, they will. We need to prepare for and work towards recovery.
I ask you to join me in standing up for Ireland's future.
اني ادعوكم للوقوف معي من اجل مستقبل افضل لايرلندا
Brian CowenTaoiseach
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