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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Open Letter to President Obama رسالة مفتوحة للرئيس اوباما

Dear Reader: الى القارئ العزيز

I wanted to update you on the OPEN LETTER to President Obama, urging him to make support of democracy and human rights in the Middle East and the Muslim World, one of the top priorities of his new administration.
اريد ان ابعث برسالة الى الرئيس اوباما بان يؤازر الديمقراطية وحقوق الانسان في الشرق الاوسط وفي العالم الاسلامي وان يكون ذلك احد اهم اعمال ادارته
So far, we have received over 311 signatures from leading American and Muslim scholars, experts, and activists from all over the world, and we are hoping to reach at least 500 by next week.
الى الان حصلنا على 311 توقيع من نشطاء ونريد ان نصل الى 500 توقيعة في الاسبوع المقبل
The Letter was released to the media during a PRESS CONFERENCE on March 10, at the National Press Club, and has been covered by CNN and the Washington Post, among others. Our goal is to make it clear that Arabs and Muslims want democracy and deserve our support, and that a bi-partisan group of American scholars and experts believe that supporting human rights and democracy in the Middle East is in the best interest of the region and of the United States. The campaign was launched on March 10, but will continue for the next month or two as we schedule meetings with high level officials in the Obama administration and in Congress.Please read the letter below carefully, and consider adding your signature. If you have already signed it, thank you very much, and please forward it to other American and/or Muslim scholars, leaders, and experts who might be interested in adding their names and supporting this effort.

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Thanks very much for your support,Radwan A. Masmoudi
Center for the Study of Islam & Democracy (CSID)