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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Irish CEOs say rejecting Lisbon Treaty was 'damaging'

84% of business leaders in Ireland believe last year's rejection of the Lisbon Treaty by popular referendum damaged the country's international reputation.

The survey of 300 Irish CEOs by the Irish Business and Employers Confederation (IBEC) also found that over 98% of respondents believe EU membership has been important for the success of Irish business.
Among companies with over 50 employees, the figure was 100%, while for companies with fewer than 50 staff, the figure was 97.6%.
This comes as Ireland gears up for a vigorous debate on the Lisbon Treaty ahead of a referendum scheduled for 2 October. The electorate rejected the treaty in June 2008, with 53.4% voting against its adoption.
Commenting on the survey,
IBEC Director of EU and International Affairs Brendan Butler said a 'yes' vote would represent an essential step on the road to economic recovery, and would "send a very positive signal to our European and international partners".
"The treaty will protect key national interests and reform the EU to face the challenges ahead. Our ability to set our own tax policy is guaranteed along with arrangements concerning foreign direct investment. This means that Ireland will remain among one of the most attractive places in the world to invest," Butler said.
The Irish government came in for criticism for failing to sell Lisbon to its people last year during a campaign blighted by confusion. This time around, leaders and civil society are promising a more focused campaign, and Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen has expressed optimism in the wake of securing several guarantees from EU leaders on Irish neutrality, corporate tax and ethical issues (
EurActiv 19/06/09).
The Irish Congress of Trade Unions and the Irish Farmers Association also back the treaty, along with the two governing parties and the two main opposition groups.
Vocal opponents of the Lisbon Treaty – including Socialist MEP Joe Higgins, the Sinn Féin party and pro-life groups – have been critical of the content of the treaty as well as the decision to re-run the referendum despite it being rejected just last year.
Bookmakers in Dublin are offering good odds (10/1 on) that the Lisbon Treaty will be passed, although the betting fluctuated dramatically ahead of the last year's referendum and the full-blown campaign is not expected to kick off until September.

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