Muslim Community Lobby Ireland is an independent organization established 1st May 2007. Its motto is TO USE THE VOTE RIGHTLY AND TO RAISE THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY AWARNESS WITH THEIR RIGHTS AND TO PROMOTE TOLERANCE AND UNDERSTANDING OF OTHER EXISTING GROUPS. لترشيد استعمال الصوت الانتخابي ولتوعية وتعريف المسلمين بحقوقهم في ايرلندا وان يعيشوا بتفهم للواقع وللجماعات الاخرى الموجودة على الساحة

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Liam Egan wishing you the best of the Eid

Liam Egan wishing you the best of the Eid and asks you to donate food and not to donate money.

Please remember to give your Zalt-ul-fitr before the prayer. I would urge you all to give food in accordance with the Sunnah of the Rasool and abandon the innovation of giving money. Most hospices and charities will accept foodstuff.