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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The second referendum in Ireland on Friday gave a strong result - 2 of 3

The second referendum in Ireland on Friday gave a strong result - 2 of 3 participating voters of the 55 percent of the electorate, said Yes to the rewritten Lisbon Treaty.
What will happen next?
First: The German Constitutional Court added a few weeks ago some remarkable limits to how much the Lisbon Treaty should be allowed to infringe on the Constitution of the German Federal Republic.
If the Constitutional Guardians in this central land in Europe made these exceptional reservations - why should not the different national parliaments ask for the same constitutional rights in their respective states? Or is it only Germany who has the privilege to interpret the Lisbon Treaty as a Lessbind Treaty?
Second: The Czech Republic is undertaking a new reading of the potential constitutional conflicts between its own national constitution and the Lisbon Treaty. This will take some time.
Third: Seldom in history has a new constitution, who has been presented as a gift to its people, had so many democratic proponents eager not to let the people vote directly welcoming the gift.
We Europeans deserve something better.
This referendline, will continue for some time, still. Any idea of its future long time activity will be appreciated.
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