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Monday, January 24, 2011

Leadership vote of confidence

A chara,

Following last night’s vote, I am deeply grateful to my colleagues for their vote of confidence in my continued leadership of Fianna Fáil. Both the Parliamentary Party and I now have a renewed focus and determination to bring our message to the people. We want to fight for this country, and set out our plan for its future.

We are confident that there is a better future for our people if we implement a credible, honest plan. And we look forward to taking that case to the public over the coming weeks and months.

However, we face an opposition which is determined to engage in deeply cynical electioneering, and which offers no solutions to our current difficulties.

Today, I challenged the negative "politics as usual" of the Labour Party and its leader. You can watch a short video of this by clicking here.

I do not know how Labour intends to instil confidence in the country when they keep calling it "an economic corpse", "banjaxed", and "stuck in the mire". Their entire strategy seems to be based on writing off our country.

However, I believe people are starting to see through their rhetoric. Labour's credibility on real policy is beginning to be put to the test.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be looking for your help to spread the word that Ireland is not “banjaxed” and that we have a real, credible plan to secure recovery.

You can help me today by watching this video, and sharing it with your friends:

Thank you.

Brian Cowen TD
Taoiseach, Úachtarán Fhianna Fáil