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Monday, April 6, 2009

Brian Lenihan, TDI will introduce a budget براين لنهان غدا سيقدم الميزانية في مجلس العموم

كل عائلة في ايرلندا سوف تتأثر بالركود العالمي
Every family in Ireland is affected by the recession. The global economic downturn has led to a gap in our public finances which we simply must bridge.
اقدم غدا الميزانية امام العموم في البرلمان وانه من الصعب ان يكون هناك موازنة حتى ان كل فرد في المجتمع يجب ان يدفع ضرائب وانه على الاغنياء ان يدفعوا القسط الاكبر
Tomorrow in the Dail, I will introduce a budget that proves Fianna Fáil is the right party to lead Ireland. Our budget will strike the difficult balance between higher taxes for those who can afford it and necessary spending cuts. Our strategy for recovery is based on everyone making a contribution.
This Budget is one step in a series of measures we will continue to take between now and 2013 to get our finances in order.
The Taoiseach has made a video statement on the budget. Watch it now and pledge your support for the measures we are taking to return Ireland to growth:
هذا فيديو سجله رئيس الوزراء اضغط على الرابط
The Opposition have put forward their proposals and some of them are constructive. But they avoid the difficult decisions that we all know have to be taken to get this economy back on track. Ours is a serious, balanced plan that will forge a pathway to renewal.
اندا كني قال ان الفيناقيل سوف يخرج ايرلندا من الركود الاقتصادي بدون زيادة الضرائب ولكنه يدعو الى قطع الانفاق في نواحي اجتماعية شتى بدون ان يبين اين هذا سيكون , وبهذا يكون تاثير قطع الانفاق تماما مثل زيادة الضرائب

Enda Kenny says Fine Gael would get Ireland out of recession without raising taxes. Yet he proposes to both reduce the threshold and abolish the ceiling for PRSI - this has the same effect as a tax increase. He also calls for major cuts in public spending without specifying what should be cut. Difficult decisions are required; Fianna Fáil will not shirk them.
Labour opts to raise taxes and borrow more so that they don't have to make difficult public spending choices. But their plan would not bridge the gap in the public finances.

The budget I will deliver tomorrow doesn't shirk its responsibilities. It strikes a balance where everyone in Ireland contributes a share to getting the country back on track.
Watch the Taoiseach's video statement and support our strategy to restore the public finances and bring about recovery:
Brian Lenihan, TD
P.S. You'll be able to watch the budget live on the Fianna Fáil website tomorrow and submit questions for me about how our plans will affect you. Visit at 3.45 pm tomorrow to have your say.

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