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Friday, April 10, 2009

Letter from the pprime minister Brian Cowen رسالة من براين كاون رئيس الوزراء

لقد قدمنا بالامس ميزانية قاسية ولم نفعل دلك مند سنوات
Yesterday, in the Dáil, we introduced the toughest budget in many years.
I know that, for many of you, it contained announcements that will add to the burden your families and your businesses face.
انها سوف تكون قاسية عليكم وعلى عائلاتكم واعمالكم . ولكن هدا اساس للتقدم والازدهار الاقتصادي في المستقبل
While this is difficult news for many, the truth is that these are steps we have to take to bring stability to our finances and to prepare for recovery.
With this budget we will:
Attack the gap in our public finances by increasing taxes and reducing expenditure in a fair and sustainable way.
Unblock our banking system and get banks back to their core business of lending money so that cash flows again.
Protect as many jobs as we can, create new jobs and help those who have lost their jobs return to work as quickly as possible.
Restore our reputation with our international partners.
To help you understand this budget better, we'll be answering some of your questions via our website. It's easy to ask a question:
As Taoiseach, it is my duty to protect this country's economic integrity and lead us out of this crisis. I am confident that this budget will be the foundation of recovery.
But we cannot let these tough times sap our spirit. We cannot let it drain our confidence or the will to fight. We must believe in ourselves.
This Budget is progressive. It is fair. It ensures that those who can bear the burden best, bear it most. It is a budget that is true to our principles of doing what is best for Ireland.
We want people to understand how the budget will affect them. We'll be answering a selection of your questions on the Fianna Fáil website. Submit your question now:
We have great businesses in Ireland, great workers and great ideas. We must harness this energy and use it to fight our way back to growth. I believe that we can do this together.
This recession will pass, and the world will recover.
We are fighting a battle for Ireland's economic security and our future. It is a battle we can win. I ask all of you to support the Government and support each other as we build our country back up again - together.
Thank you for everything you do for Ireland,
Brian Cowen T.D.An Taoiseach