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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I.F.I. A.G.M اجتماع اللجنة العمومية لمسجد الساوط

Message from the Majlis of the I.F.I. on the Approach of the A.G.M.
Dear Brothers and Sisters: Members of the Islamic Foundation of Ireland.
Assalamu alaykum.
With the approach of the Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) of the Islamic
Foundation of Ireland which is to be held on Sunday 19/04/2009, we the outgoing
Majlis of the I.F.I. would like to put forward before you a brief account
of what we have managed to achieve during the past year.
Before we were elected at the last A.G.M we did put before you a programme
which we hoped to achieve during the year. The main features of this
programme were:
1) To complete the previous efforts to resolve the outstanding issues between
the Islamic Foundation of Ireland and the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland,
and to work with other Muslim organisations in Ireland to accomplish the
formation of a representative body for Mosques and Islamic Societies in
Ireland. Both of these issues were already decided and agreed upon by the
General Assembly of the Islamic Foundation of Ireland.
2) To intensify the fund raising efforts to accomplish the Mosque extension
project, and to increase the financial resources of the I.F.I.
3) To re-structure the administration of the Islamic Foundation of Ireland and
to carry out the necessary constitutional amendments taking in consideration
the views and suggestions of the members of the Society.
4) Greater interaction between the Majlis and members of the community and
better communication through different means to keep the members informed
and to listen to their views and suggestions.
5) In addition to the above the Majlis should endeavour to increase its efforts in
the area of education. Special attention should be given to the teaching of
Arabic and Qur’an for both children and adults. These efforts should be
extended to Muslims who are living outside Dublin. Special attention should be
given to youth activities and to Muslim women activities by supporting their
programmes and encouraging their initiatives.
Al-Hamdu-lillah, we can say that a good deal of the above objectives has been
achieved during the year. The outstanding issue of the lease of I.C.C.I. between
the I.F.I. and the Al-Maktoum Foundation has finally been resolved this year,
and we look forward to better co-operation and co-ordination with the I.C.C.I.
and other Islamic organisations in Ireland. We also look forward to the Al-
Maktoum Foundation’s promise of providing funds to the I.F.I. (Please refer to
the annual report of I.F.I. for 2008 for more details on this issue.)
Since the Majlis has been elected to office, the Mosque extension project was
one of the main tasks for which the Majlis has devoted much time. The
construction work on the project started in November 2008, and is due to be
completed next month, Insha’ Allah. Fund-raising efforts were intensified,
especially after the beginning of the work. A fund-raising dinner was held,
during which a total of €150,000-00 was pledged. So, far we have received
around 85,000-00 of the pledged money. (Refer to I.F.I. annual report for more
details.) A total of €200,329-00 was raised during the year.
A sub-committee was setup to look at making amendments to the constitution.
The committee held a number of meetings and prepared a questionnaire. A
survey was carried out, and 120 people took part in it. The results of the survey
were presented to the Majlis, and the Majlis asked the committee to study in
more details how we can formulate these amendments and progress with the
changes in a way that would suit our needs. It was felt that the changes should
be presented gradually. One of the proposed changes will be presented at the
AGM on 19/04/2009, and the Majlis is looking for your support to pass the
Other efforts included supporting women and youth activities. The Majlis
supported a women multi-cultural /Da’wah activity which consisted of holding
an Islamic exhibition and an international food fair. Three such events were
organised in Firhouse, Inchicore and Castleknock. The extension work on the
women area meant that women activities were restricted. Al-Hamdu-lillah we
were able to accommodate them in the Centre’s main building for the time
without their activities coming to a complete stoppage. It is hoped that with the
new extension opening next month, insha’ Allah, more facilities would be
available for the women.
A youth fortnight activity was initiated. This included study circles and sport
activities. A youth outdoor camp is planned for May 2009.
A number of other activities were carried out during the year. Some of these
activities were reported in the annual report; so, please refer to it for more
information. It was felt that a term of office of one year is not sufficient for the
Majlis to complete some of the work it has started. It is hoped that the
incomplete work will be accomplished by the newly elected Majlis.
Finally, we thank Allah subhanahu wa ta’a that we had a productive term of
office. Quietly a number of achievements were made. The atmosphere at the
Mosque was peaceful and trouble-free. We thank everyone for their support,
and we hope to see you on Sunday 19/04/2009 for the annual general meeting.
Wassalamu alaykum.
Majlis ash-Shura, I.F.I.
Annual General Meeting
Sunday 19/04/2009
After Dhuhr Prayer, at 2:00 p.m. (Summer time)