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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Prime minister Brian Cowan

There's just a week to go until the European and local Elections on June 5th.
Throughout the country, Fianna Fáil is working really hard to get our message across and our candidates elected. I've been to every corner of the country, listening to voters, meeting our candidates and working to get them elected next week. I've been hearing what they have to say and helping spread the message about our comprehensive plan to turn the economy around and improve the lives of Irish people.
With such a short amount of time left, I've recorded a short video message I'd like to you watch. I want as many people as possible to see it, so after you've watched it, share it with your friends:
Our plan is clear. We will stabilise the public finances, sort out the banks, maintain and create jobs and help those out of work return to employment as soon as possible.
Locally, we'll freeze business rates for three years where we have a controlling majority on councils and we'll invest in creating 12,000 new jobs in rural enterprise.
In Europe, we've got to work together. Only 12 of the European Union's 736 MEPs are from Ireland. That's why we've got to send people to the European Parliament who will work hard and will co-operate with colleagues from across Europe to fix this global recession. The last thing the country needs is representatives in Europe who'll roll back the progress we've made. Fianna Fáil is a committed, pro-European Party. We have the skill and experience to work with our European partners to build a sustainable recovery.
Fianna Fáil have had to take tough decisions but they are the right decisions. In a global recession, our opponents have too often put their own narrow political interests above the national interest. They bicker amongst themselves, offering dangerous and conflicting policies - Fine Gael wants spending cuts while Labour wants increases. Their risky and divergent plans would wreak havoc on Ireland's economy and stifle recovery.
The choice is clear - progress and co-operation from Fianna Fáil; or instability, retreat and division from the opposition.
Take a moment to watch this short video message and share it with your friends and family:
Fianna Fáil's candidates have Ireland's best interests in their hearts and the commitment and ability to fight for Ireland locally and in Europe.
I urge you to vote Fianna Fáil on June 5th.
Brian Cowen, T.D. Taoiseach