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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Friday's election result

Friday's election result will be critical in determining Ireland's place in Europe. Will we work with the European Union to overcome shared problems? Or will an anti-EU minority continue to work against our best interests?
Eoin Ryan is one of the most respected of all MEPs. By contrast, his opponents for the Dublin seat are anti-EU and, in one case, barely bother to show up for work at the European Parliament.
Eoin Ryan fights for Dublin's best interests even when the cameras aren't rolling. He works hard on issues that matter - like helping win €350 million in low-cost funding to protect and create jobs in the next year. And he's been working in this way for 25 years.
I need your help to get Eoin re-elected. If you are registered to vote in Dublin, make sure you support Eoin on Friday. If you have family and friends in Dublin, please take a minute to send them an e-card asking them to vote for Eoin Ryan:
Dubliners don't need an anti-EU representative. They need someone who will work hard and focus on delivering real benefits for people. Not one Euro or one job will come from sending an anti-EU MEP to the European Parliament.
I understand that this is a tough election. We're in a global recession and that's having a huge impact on us all. The mood is anti-politics right now and many people are tempted by a protest vote. But what's the point of a protest vote if it's running exactly opposite to your interests?
I am asking you to do everything you can to get people out to vote for Eoin on Friday. Tell everyone you know in Dublin to vote for Ireland's best interests - vote for Eoin Ryan:
Thanks for everything you do for the party.
Micheál Martin T.D.Minister for Foreign Affairs
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